Local Authority funding is available for people who have low income and capital.

If you require care in your own home or in a care home the Local Authority will carry out a means tested assessment to determine whether you should fund the cost of care yourself (known as ‘Self Funding’) or whether you are eligible to receive funding for care from the Local Authority.

If the Local Authority is involved in arranging the care services then they are responsible for paying the fees. They will recover the costs from those who are assessed as Self Funding. In certain circumstances, the NHS is liable to fund the cost of care.  Learn more about NHS Continuing Care Funding.

We can help you to determine whether you may be eligible to receive Local Authority Funding. If you are not eligible for funding for care then we can help you to consider the alternative ways to fund the cost of care.

We can guide you through the process and we can advise on the following;

  • Local Authority Assessment
  • Treatment of property
  • Disregarded assets
  • Available benefits
  • Deprivation of capital
  • Alternative ways to fund the cost of care

We also work closely with a number of Independent Financial Advisers who specialise in care funding products.

Learn more about our Care Home Fee Advice & Planning services.

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